Cancellation Plan

Our Cancellation Plan covers your cancellation in the event that any member of your party is unable to travel due to:

  • Sickness *
  • Redundancy
  • Jury Service

Proof in the form of a Doctor's Certificate, Employer's Certificate or Court Notification will be required in writing by recorded delivery prior to your confirmed holiday start date.

Once covered by our Cancellation Plan and falling within the categories above, you will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid subject to an administration charge of £50 per week booked. If your cancellation occurs within 48 hours of your holiday start date, the refund will be limited to 30% of the total holiday cost. Please also note the sliding scale of monies payable under the Cancellation Plan below for reasons other than those shown above.

This Plan is great value, at £20 per full week's holiday or £10 per short break holiday.

If you have the Cancellation Plan and need to cancel for reasons other than stated above, you will incur the following cancellation charges in line with the sliding scale shown below, which covers the cost and expenses which we incur as a result of your cancellation.

Length of time Cancellation Charge
56-days or more Deposit and cancellation plan fee
43-55 days 30% of the total holiday cost
42-29 days 50% of the total holiday cost
28-8 days 90% of the total holiday cost
7 days or less 100% of total holiday cost

* Exclusion to cover:
Refunds would not be applicable should your sickness be related to, or associated with an actual or likely epidemic or pandemic or the threat of an epidemic or pandemic. ‘Epidemic’ is a sudden development and rapid spreading of a contagious disease.

If you wish to cancel your holiday, please call 01395 224066 and they will inform you on the documentation we require to process the cancellation.

PLEASE NOTE – You must also notify us of the cancellation in writing. This should be sent via recorded delivery, as your cancellation will not take effect until we receive the written confirmation.

If you do not opt in to a cancellation plan, no refund will be issued for a cancellation.

**Please note we do not own the caravan site and therefore cannot accept liability for alterations to the facilities from those advertised.